August 2022

Community Builders Guide 2

The Team behind the Project

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Community Manager at AhoyConnect 

Welcome to version 2 of Community Builders Guide. When this project was born, the mission at heart was simple. We wanted to curate a resource for underrepresented groups. One of our main goals of this eBook  version2 is to highlight communities across the Globe. Version 2 has many firsts – First time we have highlighted a couple of global communities from Africa, India & Pakistan and expanded our team!


  • You’re getting started with online communities for the first time, as either a moderator, manager, or builder
  • You’ve begun working within the community industry and need to get better acquainted with the space
  • You’re a first-time community professional and want to discover, learn from, and maybe network with established professionals and brand communities
  • You do community marketing and you’re looking for inspiration to better engage and connect with your audience

”Communities are the business model of the future.” And this is your comprehensive look at the community professionals making that future a reality. There’s no single job description that covers every community pro, and this book reflects that. You’ll hear from managers of content and events to operations and engagement, then get to explore different examples of online communities with direct insight from their respective leaders. And new for this update: take a closer look at how CM pros are building out a web3 community, plus their expectations for the future of decentralized communities. Learn best practices on how to set up and run a successful brand ambassador program. And discover what you need to get noticed and get hired in today’s market. Whether you’re new to the community industry, a stalwart champion of community marketing, or just a community manager looking for the latest scoops, this second edition of Community Builder’s Guide has something to offer you (including a crossword puzzle).

Note from the author: In this version 2, we’ve partnered with some amazing communities. Check them out! BrambleUncommonGrooveCommunity OPServationsGuild Asana.


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